Reopen with SafeWell.

In the wake of COVID-19, your community is depending on you to reopen your business safely. We provide customized playbooks and resources for your specific industry.

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SafeWell Keeps it Simple.

Your customized playbook simplifies legally compliant, step-by-step guidelines and provides easy-access resources. The playbook framework generally includes the following components:

Before Opening

This simplified to-do list should be completed before reopening your business. The to-do list comes complete with downloadable signage for online communications with your customers for customers and employees, safety trainings, and sample language.

State Protocols

This playbook section simplifies navigation of statewide standards and timelines mandated by Governor Greg Abbott. Three sub-sections break down recommended strategies to ensure employee safety, customer wellness, and facility compliance.

Local Protocols

Local leaders are committed to the unique needs of our community. This list of recommended protocols offer your business with the additional guidance to ensure public safety and wellness.

Automatic Updates

SafeWell stays informed on everything your business needs to know. We will keep your industry up to date as each phase is rolled out.

SafeWell Has Your Back.

SafeWell is comprised of business leaders like you. We understand how temporary closures and ever-changing policies impact your stability. We understand how your stability impacts our community. When you thrive, we all thrive. That’s why we’re here!

SafeWell is Your One-Stop Shop.

It’s about confidence.

Place your confidence in SafeWell and restore the community’s confidence in you. SafeWell gathers the best evidence-based recommendations and fundamental public protocols to rally your business with the confidence to reopen safely.

It’s about trust.

It’s about trust. Rooted in your community, SafeWell is a trusted resource that understands the unique needs and implications of our locale.

It’s about safety and wellness.

Your commitment to safe customer experiences and employee protections is the ticket to mitigating risk. SafeWell can help simplify the steps to ensuring safety and wellness at every touchpoint.