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SafeWell Daily Content Update 10/02/20

UTSA study shows airborne coronavirus particles could travel more than a mile

Nearly half of Bexar County voters wouldn’t take a COVID-19 vaccine this year, poll finds

Bexar County Schedules Its Next Flu Shot Drive To Limit Fall Sickness In Community

SAISD to phase athletics back in after COVID-19 delay

COVID-19 puts full reopening of San Antonio libraries on the shelf

Coronavirus vaccine trial participants report day-long exhaustion, fever and headaches — but say it’s worth it

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio

SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/28/20

San Antonio Area Has Seen 3,804 New COVID-19 Cases, 69 New Deaths In The Past 7 Days

San Antonio, Bexar County sees new daily low of COVID-19 cases

Businesses working to ensure there are jobs for San Antonio as COVID-19 cases decline

Can Face Masks Really Help You Gain Immunity To Covid-19 Coronavirus?

Why kids get less severe coronavirus infections

COVID19 cases in San Antonio

SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/25/20

San Antonio’s 3 largest school districts have reported more than 80 COVID-19 cases for students, staff

San Antonio people of color still dying and contracting coronavirus at higher rates, official says

Scope Of COVID-19 Cases In San Antonio Schools Publicly Available For The First Time

COVID-19 situation at jail drastically improves, just three inmates have the virus

San Antonio family physicians, struggling amid COVID-19, asking for healthcare overhaul

University Health System’s Post-COVID Recovery Program helps patients with long-term symptoms

Texas yet to spend nearly $6 billion in federal coronavirus funds, lawmakers demand Gov. Abbott’s plan

What Do Two New Studies Really Tell Us About Coronavirus Transmission on Planes?

‘Sewer sludge’ detects coronavirus outbreaks days faster than contact tracing, study finds

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio

SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/24/20

City not counting or tracing some COVID cases

How can I tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19?

Houston study: More contagious coronavirus strain now dominates

Why COVID-19 is more deadly in people with obesity—even if they’re young

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio

SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/23/20

San Antonio university officials say COVID-19 safety measures keeping campus cases low

CDC says trick-or-treating is ‘high risk’ for COVID-19

50% of Texas restaurant owners say they will have to close within 6 months without help, survey finds

Johnson & Johnson enters late-stage trial testing its coronavirus vaccine

Research shows coronavirus spreads primarily through air. Here’s how to reduce risk

Scientists say they found a ‘game changer’ in fight against COVID-19

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio

SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/22/20

San Antonio announces reopening of parks, facilities as virus indicators show lowest risk level of transmission

After Several Weeks Of Decline, San Antonio’s Positivity Rate Has Increased Slightly

As Texas college towns emerge as coronavirus hot spots, universities try to keep students from infecting locals

Millennials and Gen Z are spreading coronavirus—but not because of parties and bars

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio

SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/21/20

Bexar County, San Antonio add thousands of backlogged COVID-19 cases

San Antonio Officials Say Impact Of Labor Day On COVID-19 Trends Will Become Clear In Coming Days

173 new COVID cases reported Saturday

More than 4,500 students, staff have tested positive for coronavirus since school started

Updated CDC guidance acknowledges coronavirus can spread through the air

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio

SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/18/20

185 hand sanitizers recalled after reports of blindness and hospitalizations, FDA report

Nearly 4,500 COVID-19 cases reported in Texas public schools

Metro Health Official Says Outbreaks Make Up Small Percentage Of COVID-19 Cases At Schools

Drug shows promise in 1st largely minority COVID-19 study

New twist on old Covid test could dramatically reduce spread of virus in San Antonio

San Antonio-born Christopher Cross says he was paralyzed by COVID-19, re-learning to walk

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio

SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/17/20

People Under 30 Make Up More Than 30% Of All COVID-19 Cases In San Antonio

New COVID-19 tracker pinpoints which Texas schools have positive cases

COVID-19 And Help: H-E-B, University Health System Plan Flu Shot Drive-Thru Event At Freeman

Eli Lilly reports first, promising results for an antibody against COVID-19

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio