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SafeWell Daily Content Update 9/25/20

San Antonio’s 3 largest school districts have reported more than 80 COVID-19 cases for students, staff

San Antonio people of color still dying and contracting coronavirus at higher rates, official says

Scope Of COVID-19 Cases In San Antonio Schools Publicly Available For The First Time

COVID-19 situation at jail drastically improves, just three inmates have the virus

San Antonio family physicians, struggling amid COVID-19, asking for healthcare overhaul

University Health System’s Post-COVID Recovery Program helps patients with long-term symptoms

Texas yet to spend nearly $6 billion in federal coronavirus funds, lawmakers demand Gov. Abbott’s plan

What Do Two New Studies Really Tell Us About Coronavirus Transmission on Planes?

‘Sewer sludge’ detects coronavirus outbreaks days faster than contact tracing, study finds

COVID19 numbers in San Antonio