Following these protocols will ensure your event attendees, staff and other participating entities have a safe and comfortable experience at your event:

  • Enforce social distancing 
  • Develop a Health & Safety Plan for the event 
    • Included health protocols that will be implemented to ensure your event staff, attendees and all participating entities feel safe and comfortable while attending 
    • Includes Plan of Action and steps to take while onsite at an event 
  • Place visible social distance markers around the footprint of the event 
  • Place visible signage at entry of the event with CDC COVID-19 Regulations and Guidelines 
  • Make hand sanitizing stations available to attendees and staff upon entry
  • Minimize contact –this includes registration, giveaways, food service, etc.
  • Conduct regular employee screening prior to the event 
  • Implement temperature checks prior to attendees entering the facility 
  • Encourage hygiene
  • Enforce masks